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Gwynedd Mercy 和 the 仁爱修女会 have nurtured competent, compassionate young women prepared to serve a vulnerable world. 今天, our enduring mission, rooted in Mercy values, empowers students through transformative education. In our pursuit of unlocking the boundless potential of our girls to prepare them for the increasingly complex dem和s of the future, our "She is the Future" strategic plan has reshaped the daily student experience with a dynamic academic schedule, exp和ed counseling, 和 impactful 领导, 健康, 和 community initiatives. 现在, our school facility must continue to evolve, too. Join us we embark on this historic campaign to honor the legacy of the 仁爱修女会 和 create an even more nurturing environment for all our Monarchs to transform 和 take flight 翱翔的地方.


注意: Pink represents renovated space. Yellow represents new space.

We're renovating our 1955 cafeteria 和 building a new wing to provide our girls with an expansive 餐饮和 community commons研讨室, counseling center, 两个教室. 这些空间, 覆盖37个以上,000平方英尺, will foster academic innovation, 维护自己的权利, 领导, 和 community connections, ensuring the promise of our strategic plan "She is the Future."




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社区 Commons

POISED FOR RENOVATION AND EXPANSION, Gwynedd Mercy's cafeteria, st和ing since 1955, will soon be transformed to enhance the 餐饮和 social experiences essential to the health 和 健康 of current 和 future students. Welcome to the 社区 Commons, an inclusive space with expansive indoor 和 outdoor 餐饮和 gathering areas 和 a modern kitchen 和 servery. 在这里, efficiency meets comfort, providing a versatile spot to dine, 研究, 合作, 和 recharge with peers. At the heart of our campus, the Commons will also be used for academic purposes 和 a wide variety of meetings 和 events, bringing 在一起 members across our entire school community.

社区 Commons Features: New indoor 和 outdoor 餐饮和 gathering spaces with increased capacity (160 - 224+) / Larger Colleague Dining Room to encourage collegiality 和 协作 / New 学校的商店 to serve our community 和 show school spirit / Upgraded kitchen for enhanced food delivery 和 catering / Redesigned servery with quick access to freshly prepared entrees 和 grab-n-go stations to promote healthy food choices 和 shorter lines

"The 社区 Commons will be like the kitchen table in the family home, a place where meals 和 conversations are shared, 和 a lifelong sisterhood of support begins."

Teresa Araco Rodgers '91,
P'24, '25, Campaign Chair










TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY EDUCATION is all about preparing students for the real world, fostering their ability to utilize innovative resources, solve problems creatively, 和 合作 effectively with peers. Introducing the 研讨室, a unique space at Gwynedd Mercy where small group interactions 和 expansive grade-level dialogues find their home. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology 和 adaptable furnishings, this room is primed for interdisciplinary instruction 和 collaborative 和 project-based learning. The 研讨室 will also serve as a hub for delivering the School's Wellness Curriculum.

研讨室 Features: Largest GMA classroom, capable of fitting a full grade level / Flexible functionality as one expansive or two distinct learning spaces / Versatile space to accommodate various teaching configurations / Convenient access to 社区 Commons 和 Counseling Center

"Designed to foster

协作, the 研讨室 will allow our girls to cultivate vital teamwork skills 和 empower them to confidently assume 领导 roles in the future."

凯萨琳 Kirk Bellwoar '81,
Board of Trustees Chair, 






Counseling Center

ELEVATING THE HOLISTIC WELL-BEING of each student 和 enhancing her possibilities is at the heart of our School 和 College Counseling Programs. Step into our new Counseling Center, a more expansive 和 inviting environment to accommodate the growth of our counseling 工作人员 和 services in support of all our students, 家庭, 和 visiting colleges 和 universities. This new haven will radiate warmth, steadfast support, 和 unwavering professionalism, fostering an atmosphere where all students can thrive 和 flourish.

Counseling Center Features: Welcoming reception area for students 和 visitors / Six private, professional offices assuring confidentiality / Executive conference room for meetings 和 college visits / Convenient Access to 社区 Commons 和 研讨室

"Actively caring for 和 preparing every student to succeed 和 contribute to the world is the core of our comprehensive Counseling Program 和 our mission as a Mercy school."

Denise Corkery Marbach '72,
P'05, '09, President






Mercy Legacy Walk

FOUNDED IN 1831 BY CATHERINE MCAULEY 在都柏林, 爱尔兰, the 仁爱修女会, affectionately known as "the walking sisters," defied the norms of their time by extending their mission beyond convent walls to aid the marginalized — caring for the poor, 生病的人, 和 the uneducated. 

自1861年以来, the 仁爱修女会 have been the pillars, 架构师, 和 dedicated caretakers of our beloved school, 和 their indelible legacy is woven into the very essence of our institution. As part of our school’s expansion, we proudly introduce the Mercy Legacy Walk, a tribute to "the walking sisters." This path will lead visitors to our new 社区 Commons, marked by a significant stone honoring the 仁爱修女会. Along this walk, we will illuminate the five Core Values of 仁慈的教育: Compelled by Mercy, Educational Courage, Inspired by Faith, Principled 领导, A Voice for Dignity 和 Respect. We will also celebrate each Sister of Mercy who has served 和 graduated from our beloved Academy with an engraved brick, securing her enduring legacy at the School.

"No work of charity can be more productive of good to society than the careful instruction of women."

Catherine McAuley,
仁爱修女会 Foundress









Campaign Committee

Teresa Araco Rodgers ’91, P’24, ’25, Chair
朱莉 & Chip Behr P ' 02
辛迪 & Mike DeC和ido P’09, ’16
Sr. Patricia Flynn, R.S.M.
Rosemary Murphy Gulati ’57
凯萨琳 & Brian Hannan P’26
Kate Daniels Imbesi ’92 & Tony Imbesi P’22, ’25
凯萨琳 Roeder, M.D. ’60, P’92, ’92, GP’14, ’25
Sr. Cathe Shoulberg, R.S.M. ’65
S和i Sicilia-Pasceri P’97, ’02, ’21
Christine Oliver Wieg和 ’91
School Representatives:
Denise Corkery Marbach ’72, P’05, ’09, President
Colleen Belz Frascatore ’89, Director of Advancement

联系 Information:
Advancement Office
Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School
1345 Sumneytown Pike
Lower Gwynedd, PA 19002